Home Purchase

Buying a home is a big decision. Make sure you are armed with the right information before making one of the biggest financial decisions of your life. CoreFirst Bank & Trust can provide you with information along the way to make your home buying process a breeze!

Home Loan Resource Center

Loan Programs, Rates & Fees - Understand the options that are available to you for a loan that is the perfect fit for your objectives.

Your Application - What will you need to know to complete the applications process?

Your Property - What does the bank look at in your home as collateral for your loan.

Closing & Beyond - What should you expect after the loan is approved and you are almost ready to move into your new home?

Glossary- If you haven't purchased a home before, you might hear a few terms that are unfamiliar. Check the glossary section for a quick definition of terms.

Boost Your Credit Score - Make sure your credit is at its best with these tips.

Saving for a down payment - The down payment is usually the biggest hurdle to a home purchase. Take a look at our tips for saving for your big purchase.

Mortgage Calculators

How much would my monthly house payment be?
How much can I save with a 15 year mortgage?
Can I save money by refinancing now?
How quickly can I pay off my mortgage by making additional payments?
Does it make sense to pay points to get a lower interest rate?
Should I buy a home or continue to rent?
Should I consider consolidating my debt with a cash-out refinance?
Should I consider consolidating my debt with a home equity loan?