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Rewards Banking

Get rewarded with your checking account. Designed to meet the needs of almost everyone, our Rewards account is the perfect option to manage your finances and grow your balances.  



Receive a high rate of interest on balances up to $20,000 and the refund of up to $15.00 in ATM charges/fees when ALL qualifications are met each statement cycle: 

  • 20 Debit Card Transactions
  • One recurring ACH credit transaction or direct deposit
  •  Enrollment in E-Statements

Earn More!

Account Qualifications Satisfied?1Annual Percentage Yield1Paid on Qualifying Balances1
YES4.44%Balances up to $20,000.00
YES1.44%Balances over $20,000.01
NO0.02%Balances greater than $0.01


Included with Your Account:

1Annual Percentage Yield (APY). Reward qualifications: To qualify for the monthly high interest reward (4.44% APY) and the refund of up to $15.00 in foreign ATM withdrawal fees per statement cycle, you must meet the following account requirements each statement cycle: (1) make 20 or more debit card transactions, that post to your account during the statement cycle, (2) receive at least one direct deposit or ACH credit to the account during the statement cycle, and (3) be enrolled in and receive monthly E-Statements. Statement cycle: The statement cycle is defined as the period beginning on the first day of each calendar month and ending on the last day of the same month. APYs are accurate as of , are tiered and subject to change. Fees may reduce earnings on account. $50.00 minimum to open account.

Balance Information:

When Account Qualifications are met: 

  • Balances under $20,000 - Balances under $20,000.00 will have a rate of 4.35% and an APY of 4.44%.
  • Balances over $20,000 - Balances under $20,000.00 will have a rate of 4.35% and an APY of 4.44% and balances over $20,000.01 will have a rate of 1.42% and an APY of 1.44%. The APY for this tier will vary and range between 0.02% to 4.44%.

When Account Qualifications are NOT met:

  • All Balances – All balances will have a rate of 0.02% and an APY of 0.02%.