Overdraft Coverage

Overdraft Coverage¹ is a discretionary service that we add to consumer checking accounts to cover overdrafts when eligibility requirements are met. Overdraft Coverage and Overdraft Coverage with Cover My Card are not a line of credit. All qualified banking accounts have the option to be enrolled in the most basic protection for checks, ACH and recurring debit card transactions.

To receive full-coverage on your account, you can also decide to enroll in Overdraft Coverage with Cover My Card and CoreFirst will strive to pay ATM and non-recurring debit card transactions to ensure all of your transactions are covered. Learn more about Opting-In or Out:

Cover My Card • Opt-In (Action Required)

When you opt-in for Overdraft Coverage with Cover My Card, CoreFirst can consider authorizing discretional payment on ATM & non-recurring Debit Card transactions when you have insufficient funds to cover the amount. Fees will be incurred each time we pay an overdraft transaction. Fees¹ will be charged only if we actually cover an overdraft and are detailed below. There is no fee to Opt-In your account. In order for us to consider these types of transactions as part of your Overdraft Coverage plan, you will need to Opt-In one of the following ways:

contact-us Call 1.800.280.0123 or 785.267.8900

LOCATION_ICONStop by any branch location

INTERNET_BANKING_ICON Complete the Opt-In Form

Cover My Card • Opt-Out (Action Required)

By opting-out of Overdraft Coverage with Cover My Card you DO NOT authorize CoreFirst Bank & Trust to cover your non-recurring debit card and ATM transactions when the balance is insufficient in your account. This will cause the transactions to be declined. If you would like to opt-out from this part of the Overdraft Coverage contact us:

contact-us Call 1.800.280.0123 or 785.267.8900

LOCATION_ICONStop by any branch location

INTERNET_BANKING_ICON Complete the Opt-Out Form

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  • Make sure to review the Overdraft Q & A
  • Using Account Link and following these great account management tips can help put an end to inadvertent overdraft and returned-check fees:
    •  Enroll in Internet Banking or download the banking app to stay in touch with your account 24/7
    • Sign up for account alerts so you know when your balance is low
    • Keep track of your transactions with an online budget tool or check register
    • Make sure to include your ATM, debit card and automatic bill payment transactions
    • Review and reconcile your account statement each month

²A fee of $29.00 will be charged for each overdraft - up to six (6) overdraft charges can be charged each business day, not to exceed $174.00. After the first 6 overdrafts in a business day, the bank will pay authorized debit card transactions and return checks which may carry an Insufficient Item fee of $29.00 per item, per presentment. We will not charge a fee if your account is overdrawn less than $5.00 on any given day. If you are over the age of 18, your account may have Overdraft Coverage. According to the law, consumers will need to agree to participate in (or "opt in" to) the Overdraft Coverage program for ATM transactions and one-time debit card purchases. All eligible customers are qualified for Overdraft Coverage for checks, ACH and recurring debit card transactions unless a specific opt-out request is made. This service does not constitute either a written agreement of an obligation or a prearranged agreement for CoreFirst Bank & Trust to pay your overdrafts and we may withdraw this coverage at any time. Payment of any overdrafts will continue to be at the discretion of CoreFirst Bank & Trust and payment of an overdraft does not obligate us or create an agreement or course of dealing on our part to allow overdrafts on any occasion. Please see your Deposit Account Agreement for additional detail.
Please review our Overdraft Q & A for more important details.