Business Card

CoreFirst offers Visa® Card1 options to give your business the buying power needed for growth and success. Our Business Card provides local customer service so you can tailor your card(s) to meet the objectives of your business. Establish limits and other controls dependent on the user profile. 

The CoreFirst Business Visa Card offers your business the ability to track and control business expenses for employees. 


  • Detailed reporting
  • Convenient ongoing access to a line of credit    
  • Online account access    
  • Accepted at Visa merchants worldwide


Make sure to contact CoreFirst before you travel so your trip is hassle-free when making purchases with your Visa Credit Card. Notifying us in advance will ensure your card transactions are not blocked by our fraud monitoring system. Without prior notification, transactions could potentially be blocked when transactions appear out of your normal spending behavior for your account.


CoreFirst Bank & Trust – 1.800.280.0123

Credit Card Lost or Stolen – 1.800.280.0123

Credit Card PIN Changes – 1.866.297.3413

¹Subject to application and approval.
 ²Earned points are based on qualifying transactions. Debit Card purchases will only receive points on signed, credit purchases. When using your debit card, make sure to push credit. Card purchases made that are returned for a card credit may be deducted from points total.