Security Tips

Our priority is to provide you with the resources you need to keep your identity and finances safe. 

Your personal information and the security of that information is our top priority, make sure to review our Privacy Policy.


Having 24/7 access to your accounts is a convenience most can't live without. Learn more about how your transactions are protected with our website and online security.


Dedicated to the safety of you and your family, CoreFirst has teamed up Deluxe Provent® to provide a host of solutions from ID theft prevention to restoration. ID Protect is available with any personal deposit account.

ID Protect
Common Fraud and Scams

Knowledge is Power

We want to keep you informed with important information on how to protect your finances and your personal information. You have the power to protect yourself by learning. Check out the great articles below:


Online Security Essentials •tips to keep you safe online. 
Mobile Device Security •whether it is a phone or tablet, make sure it is secure with these tips. 
Guard Your Data •protect yourself from phishing and other online scams. 
What's Ransomware •learn how to protect yourself from this ever-increasing threat.
Card Cracking •find out why you should stay away from get rich quick offers. 

Financial Scams

jury duty and romance scams can deplete a lifetime of savings, learn more. 

Report Suspicious Activitycontact us immediately if you suspect fraud on your account.