Deposit Agreements and Disclosures

Important Account Definitions

CoreFirst Routing Number


Overdraft and NSF Balance Info

The balance used to determine whether an item may be charged an overdraft or NSF funds fee is the Current Balance at time of posting less any holds. Holds can include deposit holds where funds availability may be delayed or transactional holds such as debit card PreAuthorizations.

Item Posting Order

Checks are posted in serial number order, all other debits are posted in the order shown below.  Multiple debits of the same type of transaction are posted smallest to largest amount. 

The below items are posted as they are received:

Outgoing Domestic Wire Transfer Debit
Deposit Correction
Outgoing Foreign Wire Transfer Debit
Returned Deposit Item
Force Posted Debit
Force Paid ACH Withdrawal
ACH Debit Adjustment
Transfer Withdrawal (initiated by bank per customer request)
Automatic Loan Payment (initiated by bank per customer request)
Miscellaneous Debit

The below items post after the items listed above:

CoreFirst ATM W/D
Debit Card W/D
Non CoreFirst ATM W/D
CoreFirst ATM Transfer
Non CoreFirst ATM Transfer
Cashed Check
Automatic Loan Payment (initiated via digital services)
Transfer withdrawal (initiated via digital services)
Account Link/Sweep Transfer Debit
Interest Charge on Negative Funds
Backup Withholding