Pay A Friend

Need to split the pizza bill with friends? Pay the dog groomer? Your portion of the wedding gift for a co-worker!? With Pay A Friend you can transfer money to family and friends by just knowing their email address or mobile phone number. Pay A Friend or person-to-person (P2P) payment utilizes your CoreFirst Debit Card to transfer funds. It's the simple, secure way to pay your share!


  • Securely pay anyone
  • Available anytime - 24-hours a day

Enroll In Pay A Friend

When to use Pay A Friend: 

With Pay A Friend you can easily send money to family and friends anywhere for just about anything:
• Send money to a kiddo at college 
• Your share of the lunch bill
• Your portion of a bill with a roommate
• A percentage of the joint birthday, wedding or baby gift
Pay A Friend is versatile. Easier than cash or check, consider paying personal service providers with P2P payment. All's the recipient needs is a mobile # or email address and a valid debit card or checking account.  
• Babysitter
• Yard Service
• Handyman

Pay A Friend FAQs

How does Pay A Friend work?
How do I sign up for Pay A Friend?
When I send money with Pay A Friend, how does the recipient get their money?
What if the recipient never claims the money?
Can I access Pay A Friend from my mobile phone?
Who is eligible to use Pay A Friend?
How much can I send with Pay A Friend?
What if the recipient receives a ‘card ineligible’ message when attempting to claim the funds?